Great Iwami-Kagura expedition to India in Dec. 2012 - Successfully ended

 In fact, Iwami-Kagura was performed three times during the Japan-India Friendship year in 2007 at Mumbai and Chennai. They were well accepted by many enthusiastic audiences with standing ovations and calling for an anchor. It was overwhelmed and indescribable positive responses at all stages.

Based on this precious experience and acceptance by Indian people, we have planned the Iwami-kagura performance tour to New Delhi, capital city, and Chennai, major southern city.


Iwami-Kagura at Tokyo-Marunouchi, Oct.20/21, Successfuly ended

This is a big chance for you to see live Iwami-Kagura perfomances in Tokyo metropolitan area specifically at Tokyo Marunouchi on Oct. 20 and 21.

The followings are details.


Time and date:

Oct. 20 from 13:20 to 19:00

Oct. 21 from 11:00 to 18:oo

The real perfomace and video show are alternatively presented.

Place: Tokyo Marunouchi Bldg 1st floor at Marucube

(One minute walk from JR Tokyo station south gate)




Iwami-Kagura Tokyo Performace ended on December 11, 2011


In order to commemorate the 1300th anniversary of editing KOJIKI, the most ancient Japanese book back to A.D.712. Shimane prefecture has a promotional campaign program called Shinwa-no-Furusato, the home of ancient mythology.

The Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters) was first compiled as a book by O no Yasumaro writing the text, cited by Hieda no Are, written in a blend of Japanese and classical Chinese (kanbun), it is considered Japan's earliest literary work.

The major feature numbers of Iwami-Kagura are based on those ancient mythology, so that the special planning committee has been organized to promote the Iwami-kagura to much larger unfamiliar audiences by preserving its history, traditions, and culture.

The main objective is to pave the way to the regular performance of Iwami-kagura in the metropolitan cities such as Tokyo and Osaka. This Tokyo performance is the first step to set the stage in the metropolitan areas of Tokyo.

Outline of Iwami-kagura Tokyo performance: 
Sponsored by:       Iwami-kagura Tokyo Osaka planning committee

Supported by:       Shimane-prefecture, and City of Hamada, the home of Gods Shimane committee
Performed by:       Nishimura-Shachu(group), backed by Mikawa-nishi Hozonkai and Kameyama shachu(group)
Guest performance:             Fukuoka Yutaka and Otakebi Kagura-dan(group)
KITA-SENJU THEATER1010, Senju-Lumidis Ichiban-kan 10th, 11th and 12th floor
No.4 Exit of Kita-Senju JR Station
3-92 Senju, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, postal code 120-0034
TEL: 03-5244-1010, Ticket Center: 03-5244-1011

Date:     Sunday December 11, 2011

Time:    Doors open at 13: 30 (due to congestions of local products sale, this may be earlier.)

Curtain time: at 14:00

Closing time:         17:3018:00

All free seating (non-reserved seat)

Advanced ticket price:         4,500yen for adults, and 1.000yen for children
Admission on the day:         5,000yen for adults, and 1.500yen for children

The committee has been prepared limited number of special discount ticket at 4,000yen.
You must apply it through the PDF form attached.
This PDF file includes the guide of Iwami-Kagura.


Iwami-kagura Tokyo performance in December
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 Special web site for Tokyo performance:   

Web site for the main performer, Nishimura-Shachu(group):    

Inquiry:   Please contact this address for all English speakers.

Iwami-Kagura performed in India in video

 The record of performance trip to India is now available here.

 This series of video is the record of the Iwami-Kagura group called Ohtsu kaguradan had successful performances in India to commemorate the relationship between Japan and India.



Iwamikagura performed at Al-Janadriyah in Saudi Arabia.

 Iwamikagura was performed at the Al-Janadriyah National Festival in Saudi Arabia.

 Two groups from Hamada and Masuda areas attended this important ceremony of the 26th Janadriyah National Festival for Heritage and Culture in Saudi Arabia from April 13 to 30.

J apan is the guest country for Saudi Arabia this time and Iwamikagura is a part of Japanese cultural missions for this festival.

 The overview can be seen at the Nishimura-Chachu HP in Japanese and you can gest more detailed information at Saudi Arabia HP.



Iwamikagura is now at your door steps!

 Inaugural Events for New Iwamikagura Hamada Shachu(Group) and its Tokyo Kaguradan(group)

 A new Iwamikagura group called Hamada Shachu was formed in January 14 with 39 veteran Iwamikagura members from 10 groups in the area of Hamada-city (Iwami region, Shimane-ken) and the Tokyo Kaguradan was formed with voluntary members in Kanto area.

 The main objectives of the new group is to promote and attract Iwamikagura to the rest of Iwami region specifically to major cities like Tokyo areas with a combined effort of sponsored groups.

 The first inaugural and promotional Iwamikagura is being performed at Daishin department store as an opening event for the new store building near JR Ohmori Station from February 25 to 27.

T heir feature number is Daija(Great serpent) with the shortcut version..

■ Time and date
 Feb 25(Fri)) at 10:30 / 13:00 / 15:00
 Feb 26(Sat) at 10:30 / 13:00 / 15:00
 Feb 27(Sun) at 10:30 / 13:00
※Admission free

■ Phone :03-3773-1721(Daishin Dept)
For your access, see the Daishin Web site at: